Forestry Mulchers

QM’s forestry mulcher for excavator is the FR SERIES. It is designed for massive use, such as deep cleaning of wooded areas and crushing large logs. A sturdy shell made of high-grade material ensures stability and resistance to severe shocks and yielding. The ability to configure the header with three different types of rotors with Pointed fixed carbide teeth (ST) for crushing large logs to the ground, with double-tipped fixed carbide teeth (ST2) for heavy use, or with fixed carbide cutting teeth (CP) ideal for deep cleaning in mixed environments with shrubs, brambles and bushes, it provides solutions and excellent performance in different operating scenarios.

It can be coupled to excavators from 10 to 30 tons and comes in FR100, FR130 and FR160 models, to be chosen according to your needs. They include a range of standard equipment such as the Body with double cavity bottom, internal toothed bars, Adjustable hood opening, protective casing of the hydraulic system, sturdy and wide Interchangeable support slides for cutting height adjustment, CE-compliant chain barrier protection, Bolted steel plate where to set up the machine attachment, position of theadjustable machine attachment, piston motor with external drainage for high performance heavy use, flow-anti-cavitation-max-pressure regulating valve block, motor and hydraulic components enclosed in the shell and protected from shocks and debris, spherical roller bearings protected from dirt.


Also available as optional accessories aremachine hitch with pins included, hydraulic hood opening control,electro-hydraulic hood opening, hydraulic line kit customizable upon request, and flat face quick couplers also customizable upon request.

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