FR Series

Designed for the deep cleaning of wooded areas and crushing of large logs.

The model FR flail header is applicable to excavators from 10 to 30 tons. Designed for the deep cleaning of wooded areas and crushing of large logs.
A sturdy shell made of high-grade material ensures stability and resistance to severe shocks and yielding. The possibility to configure the shaft with three different types of rotors guarantees solutions and excellent working performance on various terrains.

FR QM Agri series forsetal mower

Which machines you can pair it with

Escavatorton10.0 / 20.018.0 / 26.022.0 / 30.0
Oil flowl / min90 / 180120 / 200140 / 250
Max pressurebar350350350
D (Total Cutting Width)mm100013001600
Transmission4 belts4 belts4 belts
Parts of QM agri's FR series forestry mulcher for excavators
Forestry mulcher in action


  • Heavy shell with double cavity bottom, resistant to strong impact and yield
  • Internal toothed bars that help finely chop the material
  • Adjustable hood opening
  • Reinforced hood with double cavity bottom
  • Protective covers for the hydraulic system and transmission system
  • Sturdy and wide interchangeable support slides that adjust the cutting height
  • Chain barrier protection according to CE
  • Bolted steel plate where to prepare the machine connection (not painted)
  • Adjustable machine attachment position
  • Piston engine with external drainage for intense high performance use
  • Flow control valve block-shockproof-anticavitation-max pressure
  • Engine and hydraulic components enclosed within the shell, protected from bumps and debris
  • Spherical roller bearings that, thanks to a special sealing labyrinth, are better protected from impurities Toothed V-belt transmission
  • Option to configure the rotor with fixed carbide shear teeth (CP type) ideal for deep cleaning in mixed environments with shrubs, brambles, and bushes
  • Option to configure the rotor with fixed pointed carbide teeth (ST type) ideal for extreme uses such as crushing large logs down to the ground
  • Option to configure the rotor with fixed carbide double-tipped teeth (type ST2) ideal for heavy-duty use, provides greater wear resistance over time

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